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Attribute Quick Add

Attribute Quick Add
Current version: 1.2
Need to add large numbers of product attribute values? Fed up with doing them one by one? This extension gives you the ability to bulk import large numbers of values. It is a real time saver.

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Attribute Quick Add is a Magento extension that vastly reduces the time it takes to configure new product attributes. Typically, creating dropdown and multiple select attributes is extremely time consuming because each value needs to be manually entered. If you are creating an attribute with many values then this is a real problem.

Luckily, On Tap's Attribute Quick Add allows large numbers of attribute values to be added simultaneously with a single action. Just type or copy and paste your list of values into the text box and click on the 'Quick Add' button. All your values magically appear beneath.

We've used it before to create attributes with hundreds of values and it probably saved us an hour's hard work. Attribute Quick Add did the same job in just a few seconds. To see how easy it is to use, check out our tutorial video. Installation We offer an optional installation service for this extension which will get you up and running.

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Full documentation for Attribute Quick Add can be found on our Wiki.

Change log

1.2.0 (09/04/2015)
Fix: Code optimisation.

1.1.0 (27/01/2014)
Improvement: Added de-duplication function.
Which versions of Magento is the extension compatible with?
Attribute Quick Add has been tested with Magento Community Edition 1.6.2 to inclusive, and Magento Enterprise Edition 1.10 to inclusive.
How many attribute options can be created at once?
You can potentially create hundreds, if not thousands, of attribute options at a time.
How does Attribute Quick Add handle duplicate option values?
Duplicate attribute options that you have in your list are detected automatically, and are not created.
Can I create options which have different values for each of my storefronts?
Yes, you can separate the values with a delimiter (e.g. comma) so that each row that you enter/copy-and-paste into the option attribute field contains all the entries for your multiple storefronts.
How is the option list populated?
You can populate the list of attribute options that you wish to add in a number of ways. The main way of doing this is copy-and-paste - typically from a text file or a spreadsheet. You can also type in the values manually.