Commerce + PIM + CRM

On Tap Cloud is an Enterprise-grade platform as a service (PaaS) solution that provides a fully managed hosting and deployment infrastructure that supports key commerce-enabling application platforms:

You can choose one, some, or all, of these applications. If you start with one, you can add the others in the future.

The hosting environment is fully managed and automatically scales up and down as required.

On Tap are official partners with Magento, Akeneo and OroCRM.


On Tap Cloud is compatible with both Magento 1 and 2, and both Community and Enterprise. We will migrate your existing Magento site for you.


You can optionally add Akeneo, the leading open source product information management (PIM) system. This delivers powerful product management in a multi-channel environment.


You can optionally add OroCRM, the leading open source customer relationship management platform. Fully integrated into Magento, OroCRM gives you a 360° view of your customers across multiple channels.


We support deployment of your applications onto Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Rackspace Cloud or OpenStack public clouds.


Alternatively, host with On Tap’s own private cloud - delivering cost savings up to 50% compared to public clouds. 


On Tap Cloud comes with 24x7 support, and you only pay for what you use. We support the hosting infrastructure and applications inclusively

Continous cloud deployments

so easy, anyone can deploy

Code deployments are Git-based and our flexible GUI/CLI interfaces enable non- technical and technical users to quickly create, merge, clone and delete entire unlimited numbers of environments during the development life cycle, including QA and issue troubleshooting.

Your deployments become reliable and consistent, and make your business more agile.

Continuous deployments

Public cloud hosting

Use your existing cloud provider with On Tap Cloud

Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud Platform
Rackspace Cloud

PRIVATE cloud hosting

Alternatively, host with On Tap

On Tap Private Cloud

If you host with us, you get a private cloud giving you powerful scaling capacity in a single-tenanted device. This typically provides savings of up to 50% compared to public cloud providers.

On-premise server appliance

Our private cloud is also available as a 1U on-premise server appliance that you can host in your own data centre.

Frequently asked questions

Please email [email protected] with any further questions

  • Can I keep my existing cloud hosting provider?

    Yes, we support Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Rackspace Cloud and OpenStack. So you can keep your existing hosting agreements and use On Tap Cloud's management and deployment tools to deliver a more robust hosting infrastructure and with all the deployment tools that automate and simplify your site development.

  • Do you provide hosting?

    Yes, we provide a single-tenant private cloud hosting solution that gives you powerful scalability. This can deliver up to 50% cost savings over public cloud solutions.

  • What developer tools are included?

    On Tap Cloud's deployment system is Git-based and can synchronise automatically with your own existing Git repositories. We then provide both web GUI and CLI interfaces that enable non-technical and technical users to manage new releases for your site.

    Users can quickly create, merge, clone and delete unlimited numbers of environments during the development life cycle. For example, to test a new feature prior to going live, a user can clone the production environment, merge in the new feature code, and then test this in isolation using the temporarily assigned URL. This gives the entire team visibility and accountability of the deployment, before it happens. This makes your code deployments more reliable and consistent.

  • What about fail-over?

    Regardless of the hosting environment being used, On Tap Cloud delivers a load-balanced and auto-scaling architecture that maximises your service uptime - even when there are problems. The system auto-senses problems and can deal with a variety of scenarios.

    Furthermore, you can deploy your site across multiple cloud providers, with real-time data replication. This means that if one entire cloud platform fails, you can be up and running from an alternate supplier straight away.

  • What about security?

    In addition to cloud platform level security measures, On Tap Cloud comes with CloudFlare. This provides a comprehensive web application firewall (WAF) that protects your site from threats in real-time and mitigates against denial of service attacks which might otherwise affect your services.

  • Which applications are supported?

    Magento (versions 1 and 2) : Enterprise and Community Editions.
    Akeneo : Enterprise and Community Editions.
    OroCRM : Enterprise and Community Editions.

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