Visual Merchandiser 2.2.5

Create and merchandise categories quickly and easily with Visual Merchandiser for Magento. Drag-and-drop products into position, or set up 'Smart Categories' based upon attributes. Saves you hours merchandising your Magento store.

No more laborious category management!
No more adjusting products’ category positions manually by number!
With Visual Merchandiser, products can be re-organised in seconds – visually.
You see the products in place, with images, just like the customer sees them.

New for version 2.2.5: Categories can now have smart rules AND be controlled by drag-and-drop. Automatic category sorting. Compatibility with layered navigation extensions.

Visual merchandising – how it should be


  • Drag-and-drop user interface
  • Merchandise an entire category in a single window
  • Integrated product search to help you find products to include in your category
  • Customisable product meta data display – showing stock, price and other attributes
  • Instantly see stock availability as you merchandise
  • Easily assign hundreds of products to a category in one action. Remove them just as easily.
  • New for version 2.2.5: Categories can now have smart rules AND be controlled by drag-and-drop.
  • New for version 2.2.5: Ability to force a category to only include products matched by smart rules.
  • New for version 2.2.5: Can now change website scope in drag-and-drop window to view categories per-website.
  • New for version 2.2.5: Hero products that are fixed to a category.
  • New for version 2.2.5: Improved compatibility with layered navigation extensions, Enterprise Edition SOLR.
  • New for version 2.2.5: Improved performance – now it scales as big as Magento does
  • Easy to install

Check out Visual Merchandiser in action!

Discover the ease at which you can merchandise your Magento categories with Visual Merchandiser from On Tap.

Our short tutorial videos give you a walk-through of all the key functionality and shows you the speed at which categories can be edited.

Tutorial videos

Drag-and-drop video
Smart Category rules
Assigning many products to categories
Want documentation?

You can find full documentation for Visual Merchandiser on our wiki.

Frequently asked questions

What are the key features of version 2?
Version 2 of Visual Merchandiser introduces ‘Smart Categories’ to your Magento store. These enable you to automatically include products into your categories based upon rules.

For example, you can create a category that includes all discounted clothing automatically; or categories for brands where adding a product to the catalogue causes it to automatically appear in the corresponding brand category. The possibilities are endless!

We’ve also built a developer interface so that the extension can be extended to provide custom sort logic within Visual Merchandiser or Smart Categories.

Which version of Magento is required?
Visual Merchandiser has been tested with Magento Community Edition 1.6.2 to inclusive and Magento Enterprise Edition 1.10 to inclusive.

Just like default Magento functionality, when setting product positions in Visual Merchandiser, you need to have the ‘Sort by Position’ option available on your categories. If you are unsure any this, please ask us.

How much time does it save?
If you have to merchandise your site every day, it will likely save you hours every month.
How much does it cost?
Pricing is dependent upon the edition of Magento that you have (Community or Enterprise), and whether you want installation and training with your purchase. You can also opt for extended support which entitles you to support and product updates on an on-going basis.

It is licensed per server, so if you have multiple Magento instances, then you’ll need to purchase multiple licenses.

Is it easy to install?
Yes. Visual Merchandiser is delivered as a Magento extension that can be very easily installed. The process should only take a few minutes. Alternatively, we can install it for you.
Is the source code encrypted?
No. The source code is not encrypted so can be modified.
Is support available?
Visual Merchandiser is fully supported by On Tap. You are eligible for technical support and product updates for 90 days from the point of purchase. You can extend this after it expires to ensure that you continue to receive support and upgrades.

Bug fixes are included within the lifetime of your use of the product regardless of whether you have technical support/product updates. As long as we can replicate the bug in our extension on a clean version of Magento (using a version that is supported by your version of the extension), then we’ll fix it free of charge.

Current version: 2.2.5
2.2.5 (September 25th 2014)
Feature: You can now search by SKU within the drag-and-drop window.
Feature: When selecting a different storefront from the drag-and-drop window, the selection is now persistent so that future operations default to the same storefront.

Fix: The Mass Product Assignment feature now adds products to the category so that they appear in the same order as your list of SKUs.
Fix: Translation changes.

Improvement: Code refactoring throughout.

Change: Change of code pool from app/code/local to app/code/community. When upgrading to this version, please remember to remove the old version from the ‘local’ folder.

2.2.4 (August 14th 2014)
Feature: Categories can now have smart rules AND be controlled by drag-and-drop.
Feature: Ability to force a category to only include products matched by smart rules.
Feature: Categories can now have automatic sorts applied to them.
Feature: Can now change website scope in drag-and-drop window to view categories per-website.
Feature: You can now download a list of SKUs currently assigned to a category.

Fix: Compatibility with third-party layered navigation extensions.
Fix: Compatibility with third-party category indexing extensions, including Enterprise SOLR.
Fix: In terms of catalog size, VM is now as scalable as Magento is itself for large catalogs.
Fix: Magento Enterprise catalog permissions are now supported.

2.1.8 (May 21st 2014)
Feature: Move to the bottom arrow in the VM drag-and-drop window now allows products to be shifted to the bottom of the category.

Fix: Improved CE1.5 and EE1.10 compatibility.
Fix: Improved compatibility with Amasty Improved Navigation 2.3.8.
Fix: Incorrect usage of call_user_func in the smart category sorting code.
Fix: Improved compatibility with GoMage Advanced Navigation.
Fix: Improvements with handling hero products.

Bug: Solr compatibility issues are still pending. Fixed in 2.2.0, due in June.

2.1.7 (March 5th 2014)
Feature: You can now use Hero products in VM categories as well as smart category mode categories.
Feature: Smart Categories can now use ‘Date Created (days ago)’ and ‘Date Modified (days ago)’ to allow categories to be built using product creation and/or modification dates.
Feature: In Smart Categories you can now prefix values with ! to mean NOT. So you can have rules like ‘Color !Red’, meaning match all colors but not red.
Feature: Now auto-saves the category when switching from ‘Smart Category’ to ‘Visual Merchandiser’ mode. This prevents data loss.

Fix: Provided compatibility with Amasty Shopby layered navigation extension.
Fix: Handles multi-select attributes better.

2.1.5 (Jan 14th 2014)
Fix: Now allows a cloned category rule to be saved

2.1.4 (Jan 8th 2014)
Feature: Added Hero products for smart categories
Feature: Added sort logic options for smart categories of: ‘Move out of stock to bottom’, ‘Special price to top’ and ‘Special price to bottom’.

Fix: Updated compatibility with Magento CE1.6
Fix: Provided compatibility with Mgt_AmazingWysiwyg

2.1.3 (Nov 22nd 2013)
Feature: Ability to show/hide the products position input fields in the ‘Category Positions’ tab.
Feature: Ability to hide products in the VM drag-and-drop window that have their ‘visibility’ attribute set to ‘Not Visible Individually’ or ‘Search’.
Feature: Ability to hide products in the VM drag-and-drop window that have their ‘status’ attribute set to ‘Disabled’.
Feature: Can now turn automatic re-indexing on/off.
Feature: From the search results in the VM drag-and-drop window, added the ability to promote a product that is already in the category straight to the top of the category. This is especially useful for categories containing many products, where you need to find an existing product quickly and get it to the top.

Fix: Now compatible with GoMage Advanced Navigation (tested with version 4.1).
Fix: Hides the demo store notice in the VM drag-and-drop window if enabled in the admin panel.
Fix: Now correctly handles situations where attribute codes added into the ‘List Attribute Codes’ field are invalid.

Change: Moved admin panel option to with in the ‘Catalog’ section and added a logo.

How to order

You can order Visual Merchandiser directly from this site by clicking the button below. Once your order is verified, you will receive a download link to the software via your customer account.

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The software is licensed per front-end web server. If you have multiple servers, then you need multiple licenses.