Over the next 8 weeks Dan Garner, Director of On Tap, takes us through the essential eCommerce steps to get your website optimised for the Christmas period From creating a clear navigation page to preparing for the Boxing Day sales, Dan offers business tips and advice to help your website get the most from the busiest shopping period of the year.

Customer service is the foundation of a business. Word-of-mouth recommendations are essential to your brand and it is no surprise that customers trust their peers more than they trust you. As well as selling products, you need to provide them with the opportunity to give feedback.

Creating an online reviews section is easy to implement and has great return for your business. By having a feedback community you’re encouraging transparent communication and positioning your brand as a trusted source. They provide the opportunity to create a unique social experience. Having honest feedback about your product/service is the greatest form of endorsement and those who support your brand will be happy to advocate it for you. They determine your success or failure, so make sure this is a part of your eCommerce site and give them a voice demonstrating that you care and value them.

Having a Q&A section for each product page is a great way to communicate with your demographic. However, you need to be honest in your correspondence with them, if you do so then you will attract the right customer for the right product. This is important to your brand, as it will reduce return rates and make your business more efficient.