Over the next 8 weeks Dan Garner, Director of On Tap, takes us through the essential eCommerce steps to get your website optimised for the Christmas period From creating a clear navigation page to preparing for the Boxing Day sales, Dan offers business tips and advice to help your website get the most from the busiest shopping period of the year.

Optimising your desktop site is essential to your business, but it’s vital that your mobile capabilities are treated the same way and you adopt an omni-channel approach. Being mobile ready is a crucial part of a brand’s business model and retailers need to grasp this opportunity. Customers are adopting smart devices at an accelerating rate, and this doesn’t just mean mobile but also tablets, watches and glasses.

Adopt responsive formatting and tailor it to your brand, it is no longer enough to duplicate the format of your desktop site alone, mobile is now a stand-alone requirement that should not be ignored. From our experience, adopting responsive design will increase conversion rates and you company’s ROI. Using the same style and branding for your mobile and desktop site will encourage consumers to identify with your company. Consumers expect Companies to be mobile first - so don’t fall behind.