Over the next 8 weeks Dan Garner, Director of On Tap, takes us through the essential eCommerce steps to get your website optimised for the Christmas period From creating a clear navigation page to preparing for the Boxing Day sales, Dan offers business tips and advice to help your website get the most from the busiest shopping period of the year.

The customer is evolving and the rate at which they are evolving is accelerating very quickly in eCommerce. Therefore you need to put them first online, as well as offline, and make them feel a part of the brand.

Today, fashion trends can be outdated in a matter of hours, and customers expect you to predict their next step before they’ve made it. So not only do you need to out-evolve your competitor but your customer as well. In order to do this you need to imagine yourself as the consumer, predict the next step and stay ahead of technology.

Virtual showroom is a powerful concept and a new way of engaging your consumer by enabling the customer to visualise the garment online. Make sure every aspect of your eCommerce site is tailored with your customer in mind, and if you do so, your customer will feel valued, they will be more likely to purchase, return and advocate your brand.