Over the next 8 weeks Dan Garner, Director of On Tap, takes us through the essential eCommerce steps to get your website optimised for the Christmas period from creating a clear navigation page to preparing for the Boxing Day sales, Dan offers business tips and advice to help your website get the most from the busiest shopping period of the year.

Today’s customer has very little time to shop and in this fast paced digital world it is becoming increasingly harder to persuade consumers to complete their purchase. Therefore retailers should help their customers by streamlining the journey from visiting your page, browsing through products, making a selection and purchasing. This process should be frictionless with no distracting barriers, for example removing traditional headers and footers will eliminate the chance of going to a competitor and keep their attention on your page.

From the moment your customer clicks buy, simplify the payment journey. It should be clear, on one page and informative to avoid shopping cart abandonments. Giving them the option to reconsider their purchase, will not only put doubt in their mind but also lengthen out the process which could, irritate the customer and discouraging them to complete the purchase.

However, it is important to remember that abandonments are not avoidable. They will happen so you have to be creative and re-engage those who have left. By being proactive, using services that email and follow up with those customers who have abandoned, you have the chance to re-connect and get their business back.