As more sales move online, retailers are seeking out new ways to replicate the in-store shopping experience and differentiate themselves from other retailers online. For many, that means more advanced visual merchandising, including high resolution Web photos and video, creative page layouts and original product descriptions.

To educate retailers on best practices for implementing super-creative visual merchandising online, On Tap will be presenting with David Caples of Peer 1 at Fashion Digital New York next week. In the interview style presentation, taking place on October 20th at 3:35 p.m. in Room A, we will examine how retailers can keep up with the evolving eCommerce landscape. Throughout the discussion, we will examine best practices and emerging technologies, and speculate what the future of visual merchandising might look like. Finally, we will answer questions like:

  • How can omni-channel retailers coordinate their visual merchandising efforts?
  • What merchandising strategies can drive conversion rates and increase average order value?
  • How can retailers use big data to implement smarter merchandising online?
  • What impact does technology play in visual merchandising?

Of course, even the most sophisticated visual merchandising will be ineffective if a site doesn’t load properly due to poor backend support or a poorly tuned hosting platform. Speed matters more than ever – people buy more from fast sites, they stay online longer, and they re-visit them sooner and more often. For that reason, be sure you consistently check the load time of your site.