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The flexible open-source CRM solution that delivers unique customer insight

Customer centric

A truly customer-centric platform that is both full-featured and extensible to your unique requirements.

360° customer view

Get true insights into your customers' behaviour and history in a joined-up multi-channel environment.

Fast implementation

OroCRM can be delivered and working within a week, fully integrated into your Magento system.

Open source

Fully open source with a scalable framework that provides unlimited customisation possibilities.

What is OroCRM?

OroCRM is an easy-to-use, open source CRM with built-in marketing tools for your Ecommerce business. It is both flexible and powerful, and integrates seamlessly with Magento and other sales channels. It enables you organisation to get a 360° view of your entire customer base.

Accounts and Contacts Management

Get control of your customer data, all within a web-based user interface. Sync and update customer profiles with dta from multiple channels, and eliminate duplicate data.

Leads and Opportunities Management

Capture prospect information and nurture them through your sales cycle, converting them into leads and recording detailed sales information in the process. Forecast your sales pipelines and allow your team to visualise goals.

360° View of Your Customer

With OroCRM you can capture every part of your customer interactions, both online and offline across multiple touchpoints. This enables your teams to get a more accurate view of your customers.

Sales and Marketing Performance Dashboard

Visual business performance and KPIs across multiple metrics. Make strategic decisions based upon real-time data flows across multiple channels.

Reporting and Analytics

Leverage the built-in reports engine to gain insight into your data across the business. Easily generate reports that track everything from website revenues, sales force pipelines, conversion rates, and more, all through OroCRM’s intuitive dashboard.

Recency, Frequency, and Monetary (RFM) Analysis

Gain quantitative insight into your customer base with RFM analysis, and then leverage the information to dictate precise marketing to segmented customer groups.

Workflows and Productivity Tools for Every Business

Integrate workflows into your organisational use of OroCRM to define slaes processes, marketing activities, and much more.

Integration With 3rd-Party Platforms

OroCRM has deep integration with 3rd-party platforms. Whether it is an off-the-shelf integration (like Magento and ZenDesk), or bespoke (using OroCRM's extensible framework), you can ensure a joined-up approach to your CRM data flow.

Edition comparison

Feature Community Enterprise
User, group and role management with ACL
Each OroCRM user must be assigned a role. The role defines a set of permissions and access rights that will be applied to all the users who have been assigned this role. One user may have several roles.
Localisation for countries and regions
Localisation for countries and regions.
Customisable grids
Customise your product grids to suit your individual style of working.
B2B analytic dashboard
Dashboard for B2B sales.
Leads and opportunities workflow
Workflow for converting leads into opportunities.
Opportunity and pipeline management
Track opportunities through a sales pipeline.
Flexible workflow engine
Create simple and complex workflows for actions with OroCRM.
Case management
Track and manage customer cases.
Account management
Manager customer accounts through the easy-to-use web interface.
Log activities such as calls, call notes, emails, etc
Keep track of customer engagement.
Import and export contacts
Easily import and export data.
Reports and performance management
Reports and performance management.
Advanced customer segmentations engine
Create customer segments using flexible data filters.
Embedded web forms landing pages
Create embeddable forms that collect data and create leads automatically.
User website behaviour tracking
Track customers' visits to your site.
Marketing campaign management and tracking
Track customers' engagement with marketing campaigns.
IMAP email sync
Send and view emails from inside OroCRM.
Seamlessly integrate OroCRM with third-party systems.
PostgreSQL support for large data sets
PostgreSQL is the world's most advanced open-source database. Its host of sophisticated features allow companies to quickly and efficiently leverage large data sets to make informed business decisions.
OroCRM Enterprise comes out of the box with an enhanced search and indexing capabilities that greatly improves performance of in-application search, filtering segmentation and reporting.
Multiple organisation support
The Enterprise Edition allows customers to maintain multiple independent organizations, within a single instance. Executives can access all of the data in their enterprise for a comprehensive view of each organization.
Enterprise grade charting
Give your users a powerful reporting experience including built-in drill down, chart export, zooming and more.
Microsoft Outlook and Exchange integration
Synchronise contacts, tasks and calendar events between Outlook/Exchange and OroCRM.
Records sharing with other users
Bypass existing ACL rules and provide access to records to users who normally would not be allowed to see them.
Multiple organisation global data views
Filter data across multiple organisations to provide consolidated information and reports.
LDAP integration
LDAP integration.
The Enterprise Edition comes with a commercial license and support from OroCRM.
OSL V3 Commercial License
OroCRM Edition has a simple per-user/per month pricing structure.
Free Per-user pricing

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