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Code/Platform Audits

Is your site slow, plagued by recurring problems, extension compatibility issues, general unreliability, or all of these things? Are you frustrated about the level of progress that your site is making? Your Magento site is the foundation that your business is built upon. Therefore, it makes sense to take proper care of it.

On Tap's Magento platform and code audit service was created to help merchants understand the true state of their website code, and to give them actionable insights that can improve their site and their business.

Our Magento certified team is well suited to undertake this service and we have produced numerous reports for merchants large and small.

What is a code audit?

An audit reviews your site in order to determine how it is built, what inherent problems it might have and how these can improved in the future. We believe we have created the market's most comprehensive audit service.

The audit is multi-faceted and can contain some or all of the following activities:

  • Core code modifications

    We compare the site code with the original code your version of Magento was built upon. This process highlights any 'core code modifications'. Any that are found are generally considered to be bad practice and will inhibit your ability to upgrade Magento in the future. We provide a working plan to re-engineer these 'hacks' into a best practice piece of code.
  • Upgrade readiness

    We check the site's code and extensions in order to determine the effort required to upgrade the site from its current version to the latest version of Magento Community or Enterprise.
  • Code quality

    Code analysis is performed on third-party extensions to ensure that coding best practices with regards to performance and optimisation are being observed.
  • Extension usage

    Our knowledge of a huge number of Magento extensions provides useful insight into badly coded extensions that you might be using.
  • Performance analysis

    Performance analysis can be performed on the site as a whole, and this can provide actionable opportunities to re-engineer code to improve site speed.
  • Front-end implementation quality

    Front-end themes and template code are checked to ensure that they conform to best practice. We check CSS and JS, and look for opportunities to optimise browser speed performance.
  • Database integrity analysis

    The database is analysed to check for under problems.
  • SEO recommendations

    The site's structure and HTML can be examined for SEO best practice.
  • Customer journey analysis

    Access to your site analytics enables us to analyse site usage and behaviour in order to provide advice for improvements to the customer journey.
  • Load testing

    Is your site able to cope with increased load? Not sure? We can tell you the point at which your current infrastructure begins to lose its scalability.
  • Integrity audit

    We can look at all your site's current integrations with third-party systems to determine any improvements that can be made.
  • Platform audit

    The platform audit will investigate the setup and configuration of your hosting platform in order to identify any issues that need to be addressed.
  • Security audit

    We look at the security of your site to ensure that it not only conforms to best practice, but also enables you to improve or re-inform your PCI-DSS readiness.

How is the audit done?

Typically, you will provide us with access to your site's code and database. This is handled confidentially and we can either audit the code in-situ or, preferably, we securely transfer a copy onto our server cluster where our work is done completely separately from your live platform.

Our work that begins and we analyse as much or little as you require us to. We then provide you with a written report after an agreed amount of time.

What is the content of the report?

The audit report that our team produces varies from audit to audit - depending on the depth of analysis that the client wants us to undertake and also the number of issues that we find.

We document all the issues individually, and this is to the level of detail that the site's existing developers can action. This is an important point of our audits - the output documentation can be considered to be self-contained and agnostic. It is not simply a case of us alluding to improvements that we can make under separate contract - it is a supplier agnostic document that is as independent as is possible.

How long does it take?

The amount of time we dedicate on your audit depends on your needs, the level of depth you wish us to investigate to and your budget. It will typically take days, but we can undertake longer audits covering more checks and greater depth over a longer period of time if required.

Who does the audit?

On Tap's team consists of Magento certified developers and solution specialists, which means that your site is analysed by Magento experts with a depth of understanding suited to the process. We understand what it takes to support a Magento site going forward, so our experts ensure that your audit is not only useful but also actionable to ensure that we deliver value in the audit itself.

Can On Tap take over the support of our site?

Yes! An audit is the first step to having On Tap take over the support of your site. We have done this on many occasions and we are well known for our ability to successfully support sites. Please visit our Magento support services page.

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