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On Tap takes time to get to know your business and specific requirements. We deal in plain English and common sense, and this translates into successful projects that complete on time and on budget.

We view any new relationship as the start of a partnership that extends beyond the initial build of your site. Whilst many agencies see the delivery of your new site as the ‘end’, we see this very much as the ‘start’. For On Tap, our value is not only in the build phase, but also in the ongoing support that we can offer your business.

Initiating a Project

Solutions Architecture
We work with you to understand the business requirements fully and then we build a solution that takes into account all of the components required to make a successful project. As the longest serving Magento partner in the UK, we have been delivering solutions since 2007, so we have a deep understanding of how to get the best out of Magento.

Code audits
If you already have a Magento site, we can perform an audit on the code to identify problem areas that affect not only current usage, but also future operability. Only at this point can we then initiate a schedule of improvements to stabilise and improve your site.

Proof of concept
If you need to qualify Magento for use on a future project, On Tap has experience in rapidly prototyping working proof of concept solutions that will enable your business to explore the pros and cons involved in a full project.

Hosting audits
For existing Magento installations, we can audit your hosting infrastructure to identify bottlenecks and potential optimisation improvements to help ensure scalability of your site.

Discovery Process

Master Services Agreement
If it is the first time we have worked together then we’ll agree upon a Master Services Agreement (MSA) that covers future projects. This is a mutual document that defines each party’s general responsibility within the working relationship.

Statement of Work
Each project we undertake for you is covered by a separate Statement of Work (SOW). This document outlines the project and lists the deliverables and functional specification.

The length of the SOW depends on the complexity of the project. For short agile developments it can just be a few pages of pertinent information. For full builds it will include full specifications of each component of the project.

The SOW forms the basis for project sign-off and also defines the commercial terms under which the project is undertaken.

Partner On-boarding Programme
As many projects involve working alongside third-party vendors, On Tap will initiate a partner on-boarding programme to bring partners up to speed about the project. This can include partners providing diverse services such as SEO, design, marketing, data warehousing and social media, for example. We define the criteria for working alongside these partners and then we manage the partnerships to ensure that the entire solution is delivered successfully.

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