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Our journey started in 2006.

We soon discovered ecommerce and back in 2007 On Tap became the first Magento Solution Partner in the UK and we were one of the first five in the world. We have built an amazing team and delivered some amazing projects over the years - learning more and more each time.

Since then, our experience has spread to Shopware, Shopify, BigCommerce and other platforms - but we are still true to our core focus of ecommerce, and the solutions that orbit it. It's what we do best.

Today, our experience is much sought after, and a high percentage of our time is used providing a broad portfolio of whitelabel services for other development agencies. They leverage our experience, as they traverse the paths we've already travelled. These services are being used by an ever growing number of development companies to help them deliver projects, increase revenue and stay competitive.

We also have a thriving products business, Aitoc, which builds and supports an impressive range of modules for the Magento/Adobe Commerce platform.

These days, you will also find us pushing the envelope of Artificial Intelligence (AI), helping drive forward commerce in an ever more AI-driven world.

In a world where true depth of experience matters, we have this "in buckets" and we'd love to talk to you about your business to see how we can help.

Back in 2007, On Tap embarked on an ecommerce journey, quickly establishing ourselves as early adopters and leaders in the industry. We were among the first globally to specialize in ecommerce platform development, signaling our dedication to this field. Our team has since grown tremendously, both in size and expertise, delivering numerous successful projects and continuously enriching our knowledge base.

Our expertise encompasses a range of ecommerce platforms, and the solutions that surround it.

Currently, our rich experience in ecommerce is highly sought after, leading us to allocate a significant portion of our resources to providing comprehensive whitelabel services for other development agencies. These agencies benefit from our wealth of experience, drawing on our past journeys to enhance their own project delivery, boost their revenue, and maintain their competitive edge.

Embracing the future, we are actively involved in integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into commerce, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in an increasingly AI-driven world.

At On Tap, our depth of experience is substantial, and we're eager to bring this expertise to your business, helping you navigate the ever-evolving landscape of ecommerce. Let's connect and explore how we can assist in your venture's growth and success.

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About us

Our history...

  1. On Tap become first Magento Solution Partner in the UK

    We beginning working with Magento from the point the initial beta versions are released.

  2. Mage::Camp

    The first ever English language Magento event - organised by On Tap - held in London. Magento 1 Enterprise Edition is launched on the same day, and Magento founders Roy Rubin and Yoav Kutner are in London at the event.

  3. First commercial modules

    Our first commercial modules for Magento 1 are published.

  4. Magento acquires our technology

    On Tap's Visual Merchandiser technology and incorporates it into the Magento 1 Enterprise product. Our code is now in every commercial Magento instance globally.

  5. Magento contracts On Tap to help build Magento 2

    A small development team from On Tap gets embedded within Magento's own core team to replicate the Visual Merchandiser technology within Magento 2.

  6. On Tap Cloud launches

    We launch our own managed cloud hosting for Magento .

  7. Whitelabel services launch

    Interest in our whitelabel services for agencies increases and results in further development of our services portfolio.

  8. Further platforms added

    Shopware, Shopify, BigCommerce, amongst others, are added to our service capability.

  9. On Tap acquires Aitoc

    Magento module company Aitoc, is acquired.

  10. On Tap Cloud DX launched

    Our innovative solution for PHP developers is launched.

  11. AuditIQ launched

    Our agency-focussed website auditing solution is launched.