Jira consultancy

Streamline. Automate. Collaborate.

Agency focussed

We understand what's involved in using Jira within an agency successfully.

TaskCentre for Jira

Your agency can run more efficiently when it uses our TaskCentre tool.

Custom development

Our developers can customise Atlassian products to do whatever you need.


Jira Welcome to the next level of workflow management! On Tap provides Jira consultancy services specifically designed for agencies and software development companies. As your go-to Jira expert, we help you navigate the complex world of workflow automation to achieve new heights of efficiency and productivity.

Our seasoned Jira consultants guide you through Jira's robust features, customising the system to perfectly align with your unique business processes. We will help you set up, configure, and customise your Jira software to ensure maximum utility and return on your investment.

What's more, TaskCentre for Jira from On Tap gives your agency the ability to make drastic efficiencies within your business, and empower staff to collaborate faster and in a more customer centric way. It helps ensure that all staff are pushing in the same direction, with your customers' best interests at the heart of everything they do - bringing real-time focus to the tasks that matter.


Our agency focused workflow tool that will revolutionise your use of Jira, pulling data from multiple platforms to put everybody on the same page.

Workflow Automation

On Tap are experts in automation, especially in linking multiple systems together to create coherent company-specific workflows that drive collaboration and efficiency.

Cloud Migration

If you are moving from on-premise to Jira cloud, then our end-to-end migration service handles everything for you whilst minimising impact to your daily operations.

Custom development

We build custom apps for the entire Atlassian product range to provide customised functionality.

Jira Integration

Do you need to integrate Jira with external or internal systems to deliver a richer experience for your users?

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