Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Digital Commerce

Reinvent your critical sales channels by injecting AI into your business operations

Commerce focussed AI

No gimmicks. Achieve real business value through AI digital commerce.

Built upon company knowledge

We link your systems together using AI to build a multi-use "company brain".

Leverage legacy data

Give legacy data a new lease of life that instantly becomes monitisable.


Despite the recent surge in excitement surrounding artificial intelligence (AI), it's important to note that AI has been fueling significant advancements and streamlining processes in all departments, industries, and sectors for years. However, now with have the tools available to put revolutionary AI advantages into the hands of practically every business.

On Tap's approach to AI focusses on Digital Commerce, and how we can help our clients leverage internally held knowledge and then apply this to Large Language Models (LLMs) and foundation models in order to deliver client-specific AI tools that inherently understand their business, products, policies, market segment, customers, and more.

In short, On Tap's Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Digital Commerce services are effectively helping our clients "onboard" the most knowledgeable "new employee" that they've ever had that knows about every part of their business. Once this is in place, we build applications on top of this that can be exposed on a merchant's website (for example, a chatbot) or used in the business logic of a website in order to deliver hyper-specific content based upon the current website user. Likewise, we can expose the AI tool internally, giving our client's staff the ability to "talk to it" in order to better understand data, trends, market information, and more.

We also strongly believe in our clients building their own internal intellectual property (IP) related to their use of AI. That's why the tools we built are open and not "black box". You get full access to the source code, and can self host the entire solution.

AI Commerce Chatbot

Embed a commerce-enabled chatbot on your website that is extensively trained on your own products, policies, processes, and more to help website customers 24x7, with optional chat pass-through to human operators.

Private ChatGPT

Empower staff with a conversational interface to internal data sources, giving them the ability to get answers to business questions, analyse data and retrieve information from disparate systems from a single interface.

Generative AI

Powerful workflow solutions helping merchants generate relevant content based upon internal foundational data, and wider LLM interpretation. Able to both generate new content, and improve current content based upon analytics.

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