• Gain smart insights into how your front-end user interface really influences sales

Find out how your customer journey really influences your conversion rate

Track clicks on any front-end UI in your web site and use this to segment your Google Analytics data.
Create as many rules are you need on specific pages, or groups of pages.
Comes with integrated session recording to additionally see how customers use your website.

Key features

  • Track clicks to any page element - buttons, drop-downs, etc
  • Track individual pages or groups of pages
  • Track pages by 'type', e.g. all category pages, all CMS pages, etc
  • Clicks appear in Google Analytics as 'Events', and can be used for segmentation of any metrics
  • Also tracks customer logins, sending their customer group to GA as an event
  • For Enterprise Edition users, customer segments are also sent to GA
  • BONUS - fully integrated session recorder - allows you to see how customers interact with your entire site

Built to help you improve your site

Take your sales to the next level, using increased data sent to Google Analytics to enable you to make the right development decisions about your site.

Made for Magento 2

Google Event Tracking is available for Magento 2.

Easy rule creation

Quickly track front-end UI interactions with easy rule creation.

Session recording as standard

As well as tracking links, record browser sessions to see exactly how your customers use your entire site.

Fully supported

Fully maintained and supported by On Tap.

Magento Solutions Partner

Built by a trusted Magento Solution Partner

On Tap are one of Magento's longest serving Solution Partners. We understand that module quality is important, and we provide full support of our modules

Easy Installation

Installation is quick and simple. In most cases, you just drop the module code into your Magento instance, clear the cache, and away you go. We also offer an installation service.


Head on over to our documentation site for full details of how to use, and make the best out of Google Event Tracking.

Google Event Tracking

Quickly understand the influence that your site's front-end user interface has on sales and site usage. See front-end clicks in your Google Analytics data and include in your segments accordingly . Also allows behavioural analysis by customer group.

Magento 2


  • Community/Open Source: 2.1.0 - 2.2.3
  • Enterprise/Commerce: 2.1.0 - 2.2.3
  • Magento Cloud compatible

Current: 1.0.0 (Change log)

Support period includes:

Includes Support

Includes Upgrades

Includes Session recording

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Includes Free installation

Includes 30 Day money back guarantee


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