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Performance driven

Achieve Core Web Vitals very quickly whilst delivering a better customer experience.

Lower cost of ownership

Implement front-end changes faster, launch earlier, and for lower cost. Makes your budget go further.

Module compatibility

With hundreds of compatible modules, plugging in new functionality is straightforward.


At On Tap, we deliver cutting-edge e-commerce solutions using Hyvä for Magento and Adobe Commerce. Our expertise in Hyvä theme development sets us apart, providing a transformative approach without compromising front-end performance.

Why Choose Hyvä for Your Magento Store?

  • Enhanced Performance: Experience lightning-fast loading times, resulting in improved SEO and user experience.
  • Simplified Development: Using Magento's native PHP-templating in Hyvä themes simplifies customization and accelerates development.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Benefit from a one-time purchase model, including future updates, for a lower total cost of ownership.

Our Expertise in Hyvä Development

  • Tailored Solutions: Our team crafts custom Hyvä themes that align perfectly with your brand and business goals.
  • Performance Optimization: We focus on reducing JavaScript and CSS load, ensuring your site's superior performance.
  • Strong Community Support: Access to a robust network of resources and community backing for efficient problem-solving.

Why On Tap?

  • Industry Leaders: Our status as Magento experts ensures you receive top-tier service and insight.
  • Dedicated Support: We provide ongoing support and maintenance, keeping your store at the forefront of e-commerce innovation.
  • Proven Results: Our portfolio showcases successful Hyvä implementations, driving conversions and customer satisfaction.

Join the E-Commerce Revolution with On Tap's Hyvä Solutions

Elevate your e-commerce journey today with On Tap's expert Hyvä Magento services. Contact us for a consultation and start transforming your online store into a high-performance powerhouse.


Re-build your existing theme in Hyvä, or create a brand new one - either way, you'll benefit from blazingly fast performance.

Hyva cCheckout

Optimised checkout focussed on customer experience and conversion rate. We also make existing modules compatible with Hyvä Checkout.

Hyva Enterprise

Adobe Commerce compatible implementations of Hyvä, covering core functionality, extended features, B2B, AI and more.


After On Tap implemented the Hyvä front-end for our existing Magento 2 website, our Core Web Vitals improved massively. In fact, our website went from being the 13th fastest website in our market sector, to the number 1 fastest - overnight. That's a massive jump, and our performance is now significantly better than our main competitors.

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