Integration Flow

Data integration services that just work

Integrates anything with an API

Link ecommerce to EERP, WMS, CRM, with complex logic to route data.

Fully managed

We provide 24x7 support from setup through to business as usual.

Up and running in days

No complex deployments. Just provide API details and we'll link everything up.


Integration Flow is On Tap's fully managed integration platform that enables you to automate and simplify your data flows between an infinite number of platforms - ecommerce platforms, ERP, WMS, CRM, marketing platforms - the list goes on.

Say goodbye to one-off modules and connectors within an ecommerce platform. Say hello to Integration Flow that takes an API-first approach and makes different platforms talk together seamlessly.

Unlike other services, Integration Flow is fully managed. We take care of everything - setup, configuration, on-going support and management. It leaves you to focus on the client relationship.

Typically, new integrations can be setup within days and will not require code deployments to your website. Changes to integrations are also frictionless.

  • Integrates anything with an API
  • Fully managed - from setup to business as usual
  • 24x7 support
  • Simple monthly subscription
  • Sandbox and Production environments

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