Solve your
project resourcing

We know that you sometimes struggle to resource your projects.

Whether you face problems having enough developers, or the right skillset of developers - or even enough QA or Devops staff - when you need them - it is a problem that you have probably faced before and you know that you will face again.

On Tap provide a different type of project outsourcing service. We are an agency - and we operate at scale - and we understand what you need.

On Tap are an Adobe Solution Partner that works exclusively with other Adobe Solution Partners on a whitelabel basis.

Our service is unique - and we don't compete with you.

A better way to resource your agency's projects

Magento, Shopware, BigCommerce, Shopify, Akeneo

Whitelabel agency services

We provide developers, QA, devops and other staff to help you fill gaps in your project teams either short term, or for your entire project lifecycle.

Alternatively, we can provide a team to deliver an entire project - with you handling the client facing activities.

  • Staff in as little as 48 hours

    Once we know your requirements, it is possible to have staff working on your project within 48 hours, depending upon availability.

  • Whitelabel, certified, agency experienced

    We work on a confidential whitelabel basis, providing you with agency experienced and certified staff.

  • Large resource pool

    With 70+ staff available, we typically can meet your requirements very quickly. We have staff in EMEA, APAC, North America and LATAM.

Real-time availability

Use our Portal to check available resource in real-time, enabling you to plan your projects on an immediate, medium term and long term basis.

  • Dedicated account manager

    You get a dedicated representative that will help you match our staff to your projects. We also provide you with direct Slack access.

  • Team access

    Give your team members in delivery, project management and operational roles access to sub-accounts, so that you can manage your team requirements centrally.

About On Tap

We were the first Magento Solution Partner in the UK, and one of the first five globally.

Magento acquired our Visual Merchandiser technology in 2014 and incorporated it into every Magento Enterprise/Commerce installation globally.

  • Offices in:

    UK, Estonia, Ukraine, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam.

  • Contact us

    [email protected]

  • Supported platforms

Trusted by more than 20 Adobe Solution Partners

On Tap is your one stop shop to help solve your project resourcing issues


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