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If you have a product or a service that you need to integrate with an ecommerce platform, then On Tap are very experienced at building and supporting integrations for a number of platforms.

We have a product-focussed development team that can help you deliver a coordinated multi-platform strategy that drives customer acquisition, whilst minimising onboarding and support costs.

Our team have built hundreds of products across a variety of platforms, including Shopify apps, Magento modules, and many more.

Full life-cycle
Development → Support → Customer Onboarding
Products built

Ecommerce focused

We have a deep understanding of the ecommerce platforms that we support. This enables us to help you make the right decisions when integrating with each platform. Our advice and experience will be invaluable in ensuring that a solid solution is built.

On Tap also handle marketplace submission of your app, ensuring that all policies are adhered to. As these change over time, we also upgrade your app to accommodate them.

On Tap architected our Shopify platform, giving us access to a massive new market - with no reliability or scalability issues.

Shopify app provider

Complete post-launch support

Ecommerce platforms don't stay still for long. There are always upgrades, fixes, changes, new compliance policies and more, to deal with.

On Tap helps you navigate this world, and provides a framework to ensure that your integrations stay compatible via regular testing and maintenance upgrades, thus reducing customer support issues.

Our support takes into account the challenges that customer onboarding can face when this is a barrier to the customer starting to pay for your service. This is why we offer a "white glove" approach, delivering collaborative bespoke support to get new customers onboard as smoothly as possible.

We also monitor marketplace feedback, to ensure that you are not missing customer interactions that need to be dealt with.

Operational lifecycle of code

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