IPR Monetisation Create a new revenue stream from your previous work.

As an agency, On Tap have direct experience of turning pre-existing software solutions into products to create a revenue stream. As an agency yourself, you will know of all the clever solutions that you incorporate from time to time into client projects. The only people that benefit from these are those clients.

Whilst some of these smaller solutions might end up on GitHub, wouldn't it be nice to create a revenue stream from some of the more substantial ones?

The idea is just the start. Most agencies soon realise that their core business is building websites, not selling products. Likewise, supporting small merchants buying those products is certainly one of the top reasons for not productising existing solutions - it can be a real headache if you don't devote enough resource to it, or have the systems to cope.

In 2014 Visual Merchandiser, built by On Tap, was one of the most popular third-party modules available for Magento 1. We gained valuable experience at what it takes to build and support commercial products at scale for thousands of merchants. In fact, Visual Merchandiser became so popular, that Magento acquired it from us and it was incorporated in the Magento 1 Enterprise core code. Likewise, we built Visual Merchandiser for Magento 2.

Today, we have a number of other successful products and provide development/support for a range of other third-party companies. Our products are downloaded every day, and our robust product infrastructure is well versed at onboarding and supporting an ever growing customer base.

Our offer to you is simple. We have the support infrastructure. We have the route to market. We will work with you to develop your existing solutions (products or services) into a commercial offering, thus realising the potential of the IPR that you have built. We handle the sales, and we take a cut of that in return.

What we offer...

  • We handle sales
  • We handle customer support
  • We fix the bugs
  • We produce marketing material
  • We handle marketplace listings
  • Product retains your branding, or use On Tap's instead

So if you have potential products "gathering dust", then we should talk. Working together to help you monetise your IPR is the first step to generating an on-going and sustainable revenue stream with mimimal effort on your side.

What are you waiting for? Make contact, and we will help you take your project forward.