Whitelabel Project Discovery Kick start your projects with best in class discovery.

Are you struggling to capture requirements well enough at the beginning of a project to enable cost effective project delivery? Have you had project over-runs in the past? Do your clients question their understanding of the scope during the project build? Are you implementing more than you think that you agreed to in order to keep your clients happy?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you are not alone! After all, estimating software projects is practically impossible. There, we said it.

What is possible, however, is undertaking project discovery in a way that drastically improves the outcomes. On Tap provide whitelabel project discovery services that puts deeply experienced platform architects at the heart of the your projects' inception, with platform certifications (like M2 Certified Solution Specialist) as a benchmark of quality.





What we provide

  • In-person project discovery
  • EMEA, NA, APAC coverage
  • Granular functionality detail
  • Creative/design discovery
  • Systems integration
  • Whitelabel - we are your "expert in the room"
  • Use our Discovery System, or your own
  • Contract friendly output
  • Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify and Akeneo

Discovery System

Using our in-depth experience of Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify and Akeneo, we have built a unique Discovery System that automatically produces a fully costed project plan given a list of captured requirements.

Requirements are gathered in a platform agnostic way, and take into account a broad range of common ecommerce features - whether each different platform supports them or not; or even whether individual platform edition provides them (e.g. Shopify vs Shopify Plus).

We maintain a database that estimates the effort to implement every common ecommerce feature, include third-party module costs (or subscription fees) if the solution is not part of the core platform featureset.

Our Discovery System will then produce a comprehensive report giving a project viability assessment for each ecommerce platform and platform edition, with a fully costed project plan- both in terms of implementation hours, but also upfront licensing costs and on-going subscription costs.

The output comprehensively documents what is included in the project scope, and also what is excluded. This is very clear for the client to understand, and forms the basis of content can easily to copied-and-pasted into your contract document ready for the main project kick-off.

Or we use your existing methods!

If you have an existing in-house methodology for project discovery, then we are happy to follow that instead of our own Discovery System - whatever works best for you.

What are you waiting for? Make contact, and we will help you take your project forward.