Managed QA Get your own QA department without the cost and hassle.

On Tap delivers fully managed QA outsourcing services using our distributed team of testers who are specialists in ecommerce and web application testing. We provide both manual and automated testing, using test plans that we can create, you create, or a blend of both.

You'll be able to leverage our experience testing on every major device, OS and browser combination in order to successfully launch and maintain your website. We can work as a one-off launch, or on an on-going basis.

We can work as an extension to your own development and support team testing work on an ad-hoc basis as it is finished, or, work on a project basis at the end of site build development cycles to test everything at once.

What's included?

  • Available on demand
  • Dedicated or shared resource model
  • Manual testing
  • Automated testing
  • Regression testing
  • Project based / Ad-hoc work
  • Broad range of device/browser/OS testing
  • Bugs logged to your own platform
  • ISTQB standard
  • Performance testing

Why outsource?

Your own dedicated QA staff are often either too busy or mostly idle. Therefore, maintaining an effective and scalable QA department that does not slow down delivery of "finished" work to clients is a real challenge.

Likewise, if you don't have dedicated QA staff, and instead skill share the role with other staff, then maintaining the consistency of quality can be tough.

Our Managed QA service gives you the ability to increase your development output to clients of testing, whilst maintaining the quality of testing, and so the eventual quality of the work itself.

Of course, the prime concern is the uncompromising pursuit of quality code, and our QA team will work closely with you to ensure that your output works as expected and meets your own clients' requirements.

By using On Tap's Managed QA service, you can have a larger QA team at your disposal, paying only when you need them rather that having the cost of permanent QA staff.

What are you waiting for? Make contact, and we will help you take your project forward.