Optimize your multi-channel strategy by centralising your product information in Akeneo

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Increase productivity

Akeneo PIM provides a powerful system for product management that simplifies and empowers your organisation.

Multi-channel strategy

Centralise your product data and enrich, maintain and publish to multiple channels from a single system.

Fully open source platform

Fully open source with a scalable framework that provides unlimited customisation possibilities.

What is Akeneo?

Akeneo is an open source Product Information Management (PIM) system designed for retailers looking for efficient answers to their multichannel needs. It centralises and streamlines the entire product data life cycle, regardless of data origin or channel distribution.

Why use a PIM?

Edition comparison

Feature Community Enterprise
Product data import
From any source (with dedicated connectors) and from natively supported Excel and CSV.
Notifications when backend actions such as imports, exports, bulk actions, etc complete.
Product data editor
Enrich product data per channel and per locale. User-friendly web-based user interface.
Handle product data across multiple locales.
Data quality indicator
Calculates the completeness of data (per family, channel and locale) to control the data quality.
Variant group support
Group your products according to variant groups. Attribute inheritance from variant group.
Mass changes
Make mass changes to product data from within the web-based user interface.
Customisable grids
Customise your product grids to suit your individual style of working.
Product association
Create packs easily. Supports fallback products.
Data export
Flexible data export to any channel in any format.
Channel configuration
Each channel can contain and export all or part of your product data.
Export builder
Full customisation of all your export profiles.
Platform integration
Dedicated connectors to export data to ecommerce channels such as Magento, Prestashop, Drupal. Print channels such as Easycatalog and InDesign.
Datasheet generation
Quick and easy generation of product datasheets in PDF format from current data.
Advanced rights management
Controlled access to Akeneo for people inside and outside the company (e.g. suppliers, partners, etc). Rights per category, locale, attribute group.
Validation workflow
Define who can review and validate product changes.
Versioning and publication
Maintain version control of all product data changes, with rollback.
Rules engine
Automatically enrich product data with your own business rules.
Product asset manager
Centralise all your product assets. Adapt the assets according to channel.
The Enterprise Edition comes with a commercial license and support from Akeneo.
OSL V3 Commercial License
Akeneo Enterprise Edition has an annual subscription fee.
Free Annual subscription fee

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