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No Password Login 1.0.1 - now with REST API

No Password Login 1.0.1 - now with REST API

Easily build SSO and punch-out applications that integrate with Magento 2 with an update to our No Password Login module.

We have released an update to our No Password Login module - version 1.0.1. For those who haven't come across this module before, it removes the need for passwords for customer login and registration. Instead it relies on email to do this, and can vastly improve the customer experience - especially for returning customers who can't easily remember which password they used on your site in the past.

Whilst the update appears minor, we've added a very useful feature - a REST API. This enables developers to programatically create a login token and URL. The integration possibilities that this creates are endless. For example, you can now easily implement a single sign on (SSO) capability from within other business applications, making the customer journey seamless from application-to-application. Punch-out type application integration is now also straightforward.

Like many of the products we create at On Tap, this specific feature was previously in our mind but was spurred on by a potential customer asking if the module supported this. We decided to boost the feature up our roadmap in order to provide a solution for this customer, knowing that it would add a valuable new feature that other potential customers would also be able to benefit from.

Documentation can be found here: http://ontap.wiki/books/no-password-login/page/developer-api

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