Take GDPR compliance in your stride

Knowing what data you hold about your customers is only the start of GDPR.
Do you have an easy way to fulfil your obligations to allow customers to request access to this data, and delete it if they want?
If not, and you use Magento 2, then GDPR Compliance Manager is a must-have module.

Key features

  • Allows customers to make Subject Access Requests
  • Workflow manager allows you define other data sources outside of Magento
  • Give customers a comprehensive view on the data you hold about them
  • Handles the deletion of data from inside Magento, and provides a workflow to track deletion from external systems
  • Compliance dashboard
  • Pro-active SLA compliance keeps you informed of your obligations, with breach notifications

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Built to help you manage your GDPR obligations

GDPR Compliance Manager allows you to show your customers that you take their privacy seriously, and gives them the tools for them to understand what data you hold about them.

Made for Magento 2

GDPR Compliance Manager is available for Magento 2

Customer focused

Put the power of data privacy in the hands of your customers.

Subject Access Request workflow

Easily keep track of all every SAR, its progress and how far from SLA breach it is.

Fully supported

Fully maintained and supported by On Tap.

Magento Solutions Partner

Built by a trusted Magento Solution Partner

On Tap are one of Magento's longest serving Solution Partners. We understand that module quality is important, and we provide full support of our modules

Easy Installation

Installation is quick and simple. In most cases, you just drop the module code into your Magento instance, clear the cache, and away you go. We also offer an installation service.


Head on over to our documentation site for full details of how to use, and make the best out of GDPR Compliance Manager.

GDPR Compliance Manager

GDPR Compliance Manager enhances Magento 2 with functionality that makes your GDPR compliance easier to attain. Our module adds a comprehensive set of functions that allow you to manage your GDPR responsibilities.

Magento 2


  • Community/Open Source: 2.1 - 2.2.3
  • Enterprise/Commerce: 2.1 - 2.2.3
  • Magento Cloud compatible

Current: 1.1.0 (Change log)

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