Elevate your B2B ecommerce platform to the next level with OroCommerce

Integrated CRM

OroCommerce offers you a true 360-degree view of all your customer touchpoints with its fully integrated CRM.

Built for B2B

Built from the bottom-up to deliver a comprehensive set of B2B functionality that suits a wide variety of scenarios.


Reach your customers regardless if you're a manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, retailer, or brand.

Open source

OroCommerce is fully open source with a scalable framework that provides unlimited customisation possibilities.

What is OroCommerce?

OroCommerce is built for both mid- and large-sized B2B companies selling online. We support any business-to-business eCommerce scenario including Self-Service websites, Buyer-Seller Interactions, and B2B Marketplaces. Businesses, both new or experienced.

Why use OroCommerce?

OroCommerce was built with B2B ecommerce in mind, and comes with a wide range of functionality that makes implementing a rich B2B platform very easy.

Two editions are available.

OroCommerce Enterprise Edition (EE)

Ideal for mid to large-size businesses, it comes out-of-the-box with a comprehensive set of B2B features optimised for performance and able to be scaled to any size. Pair this with an unmatched level of flexibility, and you have a solution that organizations of all types can use to drive their growth online.

OroCommerce Community Edition (CE)

This edition of OroCommerce offers all the essential features and capabilities today's small businesses require. Great for smaller organizations just starting to take their sales online, as well as developers who want to assess its performance and functionality, the Community Edition is where B2B eCommerce begins.

Unlike some other platforms, OroCommerce is not a B2C platform with some B2B features added. Instead, it is pure B2B with the kind of native functionality you will need:

  • Corporate account management
  • Access controls, roles and permissions
  • Multiple organisations, websites and stores
  • Content management syste
  • Personalised B2B catalog management
  • Multiple price lists
  • Multiple shopping lists
  • Streamlined buyer-seller interaction
  • Segmentation and custom reports
  • Flexible workflow engine

Edition comparison

Scale & Performance Community Enterprise
MySQL Support
Access to API
PostgreSQL Support for Large Data Sets
Scalable Background Job Processing
Catalogs up to 10 Million Products
Installation Wizard
Users, Group, and Role Management with ACL
Tag Management
Flexible Workflow Engine
Enterprise Grade Charts
LDAP Integration
Enhanced Security Policy Controls
Sales Performance Dashboard
Leads & Opportunities Workflow
Opportunity and Pipeline Management
Account Management
Case Management
Activities Logging (i.e. calls, call notes, emails, etc.)
Import and Export Records
Request for Quote (RFQ) Workflow
Quotes and Quote Approvals Workflow
Quick Order Form
CSV Order Upload
Multi-Currency Support
Marketing Performance Dashboard and Reports
Leads Management
Advanced Customer Segmentation Engine
Email Campaigns Manager
Support for Embedded Forms on Landing Pages
Landing Pages
SEO-Friendly Controls
Recency Frequency Monetary (RFM) Analysis
Customer Engagement Analytics
Buyer Experience
Order Management
Corporate Accounts/Support for Multiple Users
User Management
Role Management
Support for Multiple Shopping Lists
Customizable Checkout Process
Support for Multiple and Customizable Product Catalogs
Support for Multiple and Customizable Price Lists
Support for Customer Branded Log-in Page
Support for Multiple Content Variants and A/B Testing
Matrix Ordering Forms for Configurable Products
Multiple Orders in Progress and Resumable Checkouts
Fully Customizable Navigation Menus
Full Control Over Website Structure and Presentation
Advanced Permission-Based Content Management
Customizable Customer Interactions
Support for Custom Client-Side Approval Processes and Notifications
Contact and Support Requests
Rules-Based Product Availability
Single-Page Checkout
Guest User Access
Guest Checkout and Quote Requests
Merchant Features
Fully Built-In CRM
Robust Pricing Engine
Customer & Product Tax Configuration
Backorders and Inventory Thresholds
Payment Terms
Customizable Workflow Engine
Configurable Products
Configurable Units of Measure
Multiple Units of Sale
Customizable Shipping Attributes
Flexible Shipping Rules Configuration
Configurable Order Fulfillment
Calculated Prices
Support for Tiered Pricing
Contract and Negotiated Price Management
Quote Approval Flows
Multiple Payment Rules
Payment Transaction History
Order Shipping Tracking
Customizable Order Management Workflows
Related and Up-sell Products
Product Highlights
Order Auto-Cancellation
Multiple Warehouse/Inventory Support
Multi-Website/Brand Support
User Interface
Customizable Dashboards
Easy Navigation with Flexible Menu Structure
System Help and Tooltips
Mobile Responsive Design
Product Information Management
Credit Card Processing Integration
Shipping Logistics Providers
Credit Management Platform
Customer Ticketing and Support
Marketplaces (i.e. eBay and Amazon)
Marketing Automation

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