User Experience More than just great design.

User experience (UX) is about so much more than just great design. It’s an approach and a strategy to maximise the experience it creates amongst the people that use it. For ecommerce user experience this is especially important – because it directly influences potential customers to buy products and services either on the web site or as an influencing factor within a multi-channel retail process.

On Tap take time to understand the potential customers of a business so that we can develop a suite of online tools that are designed to engage and fulfil the customer so that they are more likely to convert from being a browser to a paying customer.

Businesses now recognise that user experience is now an essential part of product strategy and represents an opportunity to understand more about customers: what did they feel; what did they do and what will they tell their peers about it? These outcomes can be engineered through a user experience discovery process and On Tap can help you understand how to create better outcomes on your ecommerce website for customers.

Data driven UX development No more guesswork

We believe that on-going user experience is a process of discovery that cannot be guessed, and instead should be measured. By utilising powerful A/B and multivariate testing, we refine the best user experience for your target markets over time.

Our tools and services are flexible and agile and allow businesses to react at their own speed to trends, opportunities and problems that are identified as being solvable through user experience. Our consultative approach acknowledges the need for measurement and refinement, and we can work with you as closely as you need in order to improve your site’s user experience.

We can deliver you the insight you need to make informed UX decisions.

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Google Event Tracking

Track any front-end UI interactions from your customers, and segment site usage within Google Analytics

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