As an agency, why outsource your QA?

As an agency, why outsource your QA?

Even large development agencies and merchants with home-grown QA resources need to outsource on occasion. 

Your own dedicated QA staff are often either too busy or mostly idle. Therefore, maintaining an effective and scalable QA department that does not slow down delivery of "finished" work to clients is a real challenge.

A professionally outsourced Managed QA service gives you the ability to increase your development output to clients, whilst maintaining the quality of testing, and so the eventual quality of the work itself.

The key challenges for any agency are:

  1. How do I reduce the waiting time between developers committing code and QA starting to test it?
  2. Can my available QA resource ensure that project momentum can be maintained?
  3. How can I have the right QA resource available at the right time throughout a project build cycle?
  4. Employing full time QA staff to deal with the peaks of activity can be wasteful in the long term if development gets held up for any reason and so there is no work for QA staff to do for sustained periods of time.
  5. Do my QA staff have the skillsets necessary to properly sign-off project work as "working"?
  6. Will a lack of skills force a project's warranty clauses to be triggered due to poor code quality and poor testing of that code, and so impact cashflow from the client?

These are all tough challenges and working with purely in-house QA staff is unlikely to enable any agency to solve all of them, all of the time.

Team augmentation

Therefore, if you recognise that you do need to "up your QA game", then partly outsourcing some of your QA can enable you to smooth the bumps caused by these challenges. At On Tap, we specialise in ecommerce projects, so our QA team is uniquely focussed on lifecycle ecommerce testing.

Our growing QA team is available on a whitelabel basis to augment your team with the skills and extra resource when you need it, either in short bursts or for longer term engagements. 

When you combine On Tap's many years of experience, accuracy and speed of delivery it equals unrivalled value for money, representing an overall saving for your projects with no hidden costs. Our flexible resource can scale up or down within a matter of days, ensuring that your project timelines are met.


Benefits of outsourcing to On Tap

With the Managed QA service from On Tap you can be assured of the highest standards of performance and confidentiality. We operate on a strict whitelabel basis, so discretion is assured with your end-clients.

We provide both manual and automation test engineers with a wide experience of ecommerce platform experience. The typical profile of our staff is as follows:

  1. Web, desktop and mobile applications testing, software testing on iOS and Android devices.
  2. Proficient in functional, regression, exploratory, acceptance testing, UI/UX testing.
  3. Good skills in writing and performing test cases, bug reports, test plans, preparing test data.
  4. Maintaining the bug cycle, bug verification, closure of the assigned testing tasks.
  5. Reporting software bugs and interacting with developers to resolve technical issues.
  6. Good knowledge of testing methodologies and different phases of testing.
  7. In-depth analysis on requirements and identifying business gaps.
  8. Flexible and able to work with multiple priorities and collaboratively with Development, Business and QA team in Agile Environment.
  9. SQL database queries to determine database integrity during testing.
  10. Good knowledge of all stages of software development life cycle (SDLC) and software testing life cycle (STLC).
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