Why you should train your team whilst your Magento site is being built

Why you should train your team whilst your Magento site is being built

So, you’ve just started building your new Magento/Adobe Commerce website. It might be some weeks or months away from completion. If you are building it in-house, then there is a flurry of activity. If an agency is building it for you, you have excited expectations of what they will deliver.

In either case, ensuring you are ready to go live is very important. You and your team need to be able to “hit the ground running” with all aspects of the operational side of owning a Magento website.

As a merchant, you're investing significantly in your Magento/Adobe Commerce website. But the technology is only as powerful as your ability to leverage it. That's where our training services come in.

On Tap recommends administrator training during a website build to properly prepare a team for going live. After all, your team is as much a part of the website’s success as the code and design of it are.

So why try train during the website’s development?

Efficiency and Productivity
Learning the ropes while your website is being built allows you to hit the ground running once it's live. You'll be able to manage your site effectively from day one, saving you time and resources.

Informed Decision Making
Understanding your platform's capabilities can inform the development process. You'll be able to make decisions based on a clear understanding of what Magento/Adobe Commerce can do for your business.

Magento/Adobe Commerce is highly customizable. Training during development means you can tailor your site to your specific needs and preferences, rather than adapting to it after the fact.

Risk Mitigation
Mistakes can be costly. Training during development reduces the risk of errors once your site is live, protecting your investment and your customer relationships.

Competitive Advantage
The sooner you master your Magento/Adobe Commerce platform, the sooner you can leverage it to outperform your competition. Don't wait until after launch to start learning.

Getting team “buy in” for your new platform

Our own experience and research show that merchants’ website launches are far more successful if their teams do two distinct types of training.

Product training
This is typically done at the start of the project development, and this enables a merchant’s wider team to experience Magento/Adobe Commerce as a whole - they will see all of the features that the base product provides.

This training is not supposed to be in-depth. Its purpose is to give the team a broad understanding of that the platform offers, how its various workflows operate, and to start building familiarity and confidence.

This also enables the team to start deciding about how the platform will fit into their day-to-day operations throughout the wider business, helping to ensure that the end-to-end transactional lifecycle is covered.

In our experience, it is vital to leave the merchant team with an installed version of Magento somewhere they can continue their training and learning in their own time. Also giving that team access to ongoing training support helps them understand the platform.

Providing this ongoing access to the product really helps to build the team’s confidence in their new platform. Remember, some of your team might have been perfectly happy with your old platform and might be cautious or even scared about having to learn something new. 

Operational training
Towards the end of the project development, we advise for more operationally focussed training to take place. By this time, the actual platform may well be available in some form to test with, with its third-party modules and custom functionality in place.

In this phase, individual people/teams learn specifically how to do their job role within Magento. This might involve targeting only a few areas per team, but for them, it’s vital. There is no point showing your customer service team the specifics of managing product data, for example.

If done properly, your team will exit the operational training with the skills they need to do their job efficiently and effectively with their new platform. 

Picking the right training provider

If you are having your new website built by an agency, then there is a chance that they can offer you training. However, beware! Most agencies see this as an add-on service, and their training sessions leave you wondering how you will use your new platform day-to-day.

At On Tap, we really focus on ensuring that both product and operational aspects are tailored to a merchant’s unique needs.

Our trainers are experienced professionals who have worked extensively with the platform, gaining valuable real-world practical experience through implementations and support.

Our courses can be fully customized to meet your specific needs. We start with a discovery session to understand your requirements and the skill levels of your team, allowing us to tailor the sessions accordingly.

The duration of the courses can vary based on your preferences. We can conduct starter courses in a day, but we are flexible and can cover subject matter in greater depth over multiple days to accommodate your schedule.

Web-based training is available, making it convenient for your team to participate remotely.

The cost depends on factors such as location, the number of attendees, and any required tailoring. Feel free to reach out to us for further details.

If you're interested in learning more, get in touch with us for further information. We're excited to help you on your journey toward success!

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