Case Study: AuditIQ - An Adobe Solution Partner's view

Case Study: AuditIQ - An Adobe Solution Partner's view

An Adobe Solution Partner trialled AuditIQ for one of their Adobe Commerce clients. They were amazed about what it found and how it has made their clients happier while increasing their revenue.

The challenge

The agency recognised that their clients needed them to be more proactive and engaged. Support tickets were handled reactively, and some of the agency’s client relationships had gone stale. The initial buzz of working together had moved into a contractual business-as-usual basis.

The agency wanted to reinvigorate its client relationships to generate more work from their clients and to remind them why they picked their agency in the first place.

Despite trying various initiatives, the agency could not consistently improve these relationships organically.

The solution

Having seen a demonstration of AuditIQ at the Meet Magento UK event, the agency took advantage of a free trial for one of their clients.

It only took a few days to organise the installation of the Audit Agent software on the client’s server, and from that point, AuditIQ started to deliver value to the agency.

The agency was amazed by the level of detail of the issues initially found by AuditIQ. The agency’s Head of Delivery, John, explained - “It was a bit concerning, to begin with, that some fundamental implementation issues had gone unnoticed by our team. We especially valued the fact that modules containing security issues were brought to our attention, and it also highlighted some errors that we didn’t realise were happening. However, it was clear that there were issues there that we needed to address”.

Once the agency got on top of the initial findings and started to implement fixes, the “Critical” alerts from AuditIQ were reduced, and the site began to operate much better.

“We felt much better after we fixed the serious issues that were found in our implementation. Some of these were done alongside the normal paid-for client work because we didn’t particularly want our client to know about some of them - because we really should have noticed some of these much earlier - even during the initial build”.

Even after those initial implementation fixes, with AuditIQ’s proactive monitor and alerts, the agency was able to know almost instantly that a 15% front-end performance drop affecting every product page on their client’s site was due to a change that the client made themselves to their Google Tag Manager container that added some third-party Javascript to the pages.

In that case, the agency suggested an implementation improvement to move the new Javascript into a facade. This improved the recorded performance metric back up to 95. The customer was happy to pay for the implementation changes to be done, and was thankful that the issue had been brought to their attention proactively as soon as it happened.

“It’s great that our client meetings now include ideas and improvements straight from AuditIQ. It is not possible for our own team to have this level of constant focus themselves, so having AuditIQ there is very reassuring”.

The agency’s whole team uses AuditIQ - client managers, developers, devops, and management.


Since the initial trial, AuditIQ is now being installed across its entire customer base. In their words, “We haven’t seen anything quite like AuditIQ - it is so comprehensive.”

The agency found that:

  1. AuditIQ generates revenue for them by highlighting issues that their clients recognise need to be fixed or improved.
  2. AuditIQ almost forced them to be more proactive and engaged, and, as a result, clients “seemed happier”.
  3. The subscription cost was easy to justify, given the uplift it generated.

We offer a free trial for agencies wishing to test the tool. Click on the button below to organise a call to discuss further.

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