Digital Transformation A comprehensive framework to help your B2B or D2C business evolve.

Merchants need to out-evolve their competitors to survive. With online B2B growth at record levels, this much is clear. Likewise with D2C becoming an important channel for manufacturers, then the struggle to evolve can be overwhelming - especially for mature businesses.

On Tap have helped many B2B and D2C businesses take their existing manual and legacy business processes and sales motions, and digitise these for the ecommerce generation. This has led to the establishment of new revenue streams and also the protection of the bottom line in a rapidly expanding online world.

Framework for Digital Transformation

We apply a six part framework to help B2B and D2C businesses to move forward with a digital transformation project.

  • Customer experience
  • Operational agility
  • Culture
  • Leadership
  • Workforce enablement
  • Technology integration

This framework is designed to help you identify the opportunities to digitise, and provide a structured plan to take you forward. We look at how the operational side of your business needs to transform through the use of technology, integration and automation; and then how that can translate into an evolution in your customer experience in order to provide economic reasoning for undertaking the project.

Who's it for?

Our consultative approach is primarily for B2B and D2C/manufacturers looking to utilise ecommerce to take their sales processes online, and to open up new channels that are currently closed to them.

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