Whitelabel audits - now improved

Whitelabel audits - now improved

Did you know that as part of our whitelabel services to Magento agencies, On Tap delivered more than 50 website audits over the past 12 months?

These have helped our agency clients better understand the projects they are onboarding before development starts. In most cases, these audits were sold as an additional service to their clients, bringing some welcome initial revenue to the discovery phase of their projects.

Typical audits are around 80-90 pages in length and comprehensively cover all areas of your new client's existing website. During the past few months, we have been working hard to enhance our audits to deliver even more value for our agency clients.

In fact, we now cover 40 areas of the website in detail. Our audits serve as essential "onboarding" documentation for any new client that you take on - and we typically provide a 1 week turnaround time. What's more, our audits are not just "data" - they contain comprehensive narrative, in non-technical terms, that your client will understand - making it easy for you to explain the findings and recommendations in a way that promotes your services to them.

Improvements we have launched during October include:

  1. Module database
    Recently, we have expanded our audits to include data from On Tap's unique Module Database. Our Audits team tracks around 300 commercial and open source modules to check for updates, security vulnerabilities, etc - and this is constantly kept up to date. Our Audits now tap into this database to provide, for example, a list of bugs fixed by updating modules as well as any known security issues.

    For the sites that we audit, we can quickly determine the state of the entire codebase by utilising the Module Database plus our deep manual inspection of all of the custom modules that previous developers have built on the site.

    We look at the code quality, and issue our unique "code smell" score for each module which gives your development team a quick index of which code will be the most difficult to maintain over time. For Magento 2.3 sites, we also determine the effort required to ensure that modules are compatible with 2.4 and PHP 7.4 (at least). We also produce detailed code dependency maps which show hard and soft relationships between code, including lists of defined preferences, plug-ins and more.
  2. Front-end implementation
    We have also enhanced the recommendations we make about the front-end. We provide a complete Core Web Vitals audit and suggest improvements for front-end implementation, which range from "tweak the Javascript" to "this is so badly implemented, you should consider re-engineering". Often we find our audits suggest Hyvä as a short-cut to a blazingly fast front-end.

    Our audits also look at the CSS usage on the site, and help detect opportunities to reduce overall CSS payload, inconsistencies between colours, sizes, etc across the site which enable your agency to deliver a package of changes to "tidy up and standardise" the front-end, whilst making it more performant.

    Additionally, we measure WCAG AA/AAA compliance and we document improvements that can be made to improve the usability of the website for those with and without disabilities.

Great upsell opportunity

Our audits represent a great upsell opportunity as you onboard new clients. Audits are priced as a simple flat fee, and are provided to you in a format that you can quickly add your own brand to. There are normally 80+ pages contain really valuable and actionable insights for your client.

Of the 50+ audits we have done over the past year, we have not only provided our clients with an important new revenue stream, but our audits have drastically reduced the onboarding time and effort, meaning that can start delivering meaningful and billable changes to the client's website at an earlier date. Often this initial billable work is as a direct result of the recommendations from our audit - so your client can see real return on investment from "day one".

We have more information about our audits service here: https://www.ontapgroup.com/landing-audits

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