On Tap acquires Aitoc

On Tap acquires Aitoc

On Tap are pleased to announce the acquisition of Aitoc (www.aitoc.com), a software vendor specialising in ecommerce modules for the Magento ecommerce platform.

"With a customer base of over 30,000 merchants and a portfolio of more than 150 products, our acquisition of Aitoc gives On Tap the opportunity to grow the business into different areas", commented Dan Garner, founder of On Tap.

On Tap have a long history in product design for the Magento platform, having built Visual Merchandiser, which was subsequently acquired by Magento and incorporated into the Magento Enterprise platform.

Since the acquisition of Aitoc, we have been hard at work to ensure that the products are compatible with the latest versions of the Magento platform, and we are now busy proactively improving the products in terms of code quality and best practice development guidelines.

The first feature enhancements are being already being released, and this represents our commitment to the business and its customer base. Furthermore, a number of new products are being launched from July onwards, and these additionally include existing On Tap modules that will be merged into the Aitoc business.

We look forward to combining On Tap's strong quality-centric values with Aitoc's innovative product development, to deliver useful solutions to ecommerce merchants looking to improve their business.

Aitoc - www.aitoc.com 

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